What is Crestemidei?

You always wanted to change Romania? Now you can!

Crestemidei is the best way to help achieve all the great ideas that you have or you want to see made ​​in Romania. Crestemidei turn a donation into a reward for you and your community!

Who can enroll Crestemidei.ro projects?

Anyone with creative projects based on ideas or concepts, or use existing ones in innovative ways. The project must generate value for the community, to provide an innovative solution, a new perspective, to contribute to knowledge. Results should be clear, as well as the period of the project.

On Crestemidei you will NOT find humanitarian causes or projects that help improve the condition of one person. There are organizations that handle this better than us.

Projects may come from individuals, groups, formal or informal, non-profit organizations in Romania. We request minimal evidence of previous activities in your chosen field, this is to ensure that there is experience and capacity to implement the proposed project.

The fields which are on the Crestemidei:

  1. Film / Documentary
  2. Picture
  3. Sculpture
  4. Architecture
  5. Dans
  6. Photography
  7. Technology
  8. Education
  9. Health
  10. Sport
  11. Community
  12. Writing & publishing
  13. Music
  14. Theatre
  15. Design / Graphics
  16. Fashion
  17. Environment

How does Crestemidei work?

The project is registered and approved on the platform by Crestemidei team. The initiator sets a maximum number of days (90) in which to raise the funds it needs. The amount you want to raise is determined by the initiator and review by Crestemidei.

The initiator has the tools necessary to promote their online project (content distribution options, insert your content sites/blogs, video distribution).

In turn Crestemidei team promotes the submitted projects among partners and potential supporters.

At the end of 90 days maximum, if the initiator receives the funds raised amounted proposed project. If the amount initially set has been reached, the donor funds are redistributed to other projects or assets are returned to the request.

Rewards is offered for every supporter and it is the responsibility of the developer to be committed to deliver them according to a set timetable upon receiving funding and presented in the campaign.

How are projects selected?

After loading a project it enters the evaluation process conducted by our team. The process can take several days or weeks, the duration depends on the ease of communication with the initiator.

When accepting a project Crestemidei consider the ability to implement it, its experience in the field concerned, budget accuracy, types of expenses included. Checking projects with industry experts to ensure that their chances of success as described in the campaign are as high as possible.

We reserve the right to reject projects that do not meet the above criteria and on which we are counseled to reject them.

How much money can I raise on Crestemidei?

How much money you can! The amount you set your own campaign should be based on a budget detail to support the request you make.

Please consider setting a financial goal that seems attainable by you and your team while you choose to conduct the campaign. In addition, keep in mind that a campaign that does not achieve financial contributions will not get financed.

Why finance "all or nothing"?

On Crestemidei we choose not to fund projects whose campaigns have not reached the financial goal.

Each supporter provides a sum of money that brings joy to contribute to the project and his own reward according to the amount of support. If the amount is not close completely, the project can not meet the initial objectives and nobody gets what he wanted.

Funding "all or nothing" compel a careful estimate of the project and the financial target set constant urge to promote their project initiator and "pull hard" to the end to get what he proposed.

How do I promote my project?

You have the tools to promote your project online(content distribution options, insert your content in sites/blogs, video distribution).

Crestemidei team in turn promotes projects through own channels of communication.

Why would someone pay for my project?

The answer is very simple: the satisfaction of seeing an ingenious idea into reality and rewards! Please find those rewards that can attract the maximum number of supporters for your project. We limited rewards with a high emotional value that can provide a special experience for those who receive them. Examples audition premiere unpublished sketches, mention the name on the cover, participation in prototype testing.

Rewards offer you the chance to spread the word about your project and you will gain new supporters.

How to keep in touch with supporters of my project?

Each project has a special section where you can write about the evolution of the project, you can include pictures and links.

How do I get the money?

The money is paid into the account of the applicant, Crestemidei keeping fee of 7% of the money raised. When completing the campaign objective, the developer will receive the entire amount minus commission for the platform and those retained by third parties that operate payment. The transfer of funds is based on the Terms and Conditions specified in this site.

Crestemidei just transferres money into the account associated with a nonprofit organization or an individual.

Why Crestemidei holds a fee?

Crestemidei is a non-profit association, its sources of income and the percentage retained the direct sponsorship of projects. Percentage remember is allocated development platform and improved promotion projects for them to raise as many funds and change Romania.