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A project from Performance category, initiated by Asociatia Colectiv A

    • 23 Oct 2017

      Campanie finanțată! Vă mulțumim din suflet!

      Echipa Temps d'Images vă mulțumește tuturor pentru fiecare donație, distribuire și toate gândurile bune! 

      Mulțumim din suflet pentru încrederea pe care o aveți în noi și în munca noastră.

      Fără voi nu am fi putut face cea de-a 10-a ediție! 

      Vă așteptăm, așadar, între 05-12 noiembrie să luați parte la festival și să vă bucurați de creațiile artistice care chestionează realitatea și privesc cu ochi critic evenimentele din cotidian.

      Timp de 10 ediții am încercat să înțelegem societatea contemporană prin diverse forme de artă. Am încercat să ne păstrăm luciditatea (integrând și emoțiile) și am încercat să nu pierdem legătura cu realitatea, iar acest an nu va fi o excepție. 

      Mai multe detalii despre program găsiți aici .

      Mulțumim încă o dată tuturor! 

      Ne vedem la festival, 

      Echipa Temps d'Images

    About the project

    It is increasingly difficult to distinguish between real news and fake news, since the truth becomes an increasingly complex structure, Discourse creates images that are no longer related to Reality, and so it produces simulacra. The emotional outweighs the rational, the subjective overcomes the objective.

    In this troubled landscape, how much of what we know can be trusted anymore? Is there something safe we can bet on? What landmarks can help us? 

    For 10 years we have tried to keep our lucidity by also integrating our emotions (towards outstanding events) and we tried not to lose touch with reality.

    We expressed through performance art things with which we are struggling with: from viewing and experiments, to what feeds us, post-bankruptcy and now, discourse and reality.

    We have showed solidarity over the years and we brought on stage shows that had something to say every time: that entertained, intrigued and dotted the i's and crossed the t’.

    This year we are flooded by fake news and repeated discourses. Discourses that mislead us and create another reality.

    We want to put as many facets of the discourses under your eyes, this being one of the reasons why Radu Jude is the associate artist of this edition.

    Each facet, each perspective regarding a discourse and the reality it builds means a show, a film, a workshop or a section of the Festival for which we still need resources. Resources that make it possible for artists to be present for a week at Temps d'Images!

    Starting now, we pass the baton to you!

    TEMPS D'IMAGES is an international festival initiated in 2002 in France by ARTE TV and La Ferme du Buisson, national scene. The first edition of the Festival in Romania took place in 2008 and its producer is Collective A Association, from Cluj.

    PS: You can find us on with information from 2008 up to the schedule of the festival in 2017!