The mobile recording studio

A project from Education category, initiated by MisterNicu Romaniuc

    • 27 May 2017

      Proiectul a fost finantat!!!

      Salutare sustinatorilor, 

      Cu mare bucurie va anunt ca proiectul pe care l-ati sustinut fiecare in parte a fost finantat cu 19.570 Ron!

      A fost o calatorie interesanta, cu suisuri si coborasuri, dar v-am avut aproape de mine la tot pasul! 

      Va multumesc inca odata pentru sustinerea proiectului! O sa va tin la curent cu evolutia recompenselor si a studioului calator. 

      Weekend frumos in continuare

    About the project


    The story begins in the 90's when I used to be part of a rock band in my home town, Seini, in Maramures County. For over 20 years, sice 1996, I have been playing music s a scout, around camp fires. I created the first musical park, or better said a musical alley, where children can play outdoor musical instruments.

    In 2009 I created Mr. Nicu, who brought along major changes both in his peronal and in his professional life. AS Mr. Nicu i have orgnized over 2000 musical shows in kindergatens and schools mostly in Transylvania. The musical shows are interactive, the children always sing and dance along with me. The songs are educational and they go hand in hand with the national curriculum. They can be used when learning about: colours, sesns, emotions, animals, Geography, etc. Check out my facebook and youtube accounts to see us in action.


    I’ve been persistently thinking about something lately: What could I do to help children more? What could I do to help the educational system in Romania? What could I do to improve edication in general?I feel now is the right time to take the next step. It will ba a big one, on wheels.


    It is an innovative concept with two components – the trailer itself and an online platform. These two will generate several contexts for supporting education. The trailer is a regular trailer which will be transformed into a mobile recording studio and will travel through the country. The online platform will have downloadable songs and worksheets which will be freely accessible by educators, teachers and parents.


    In order to make these dreams come true and continue my story I will need your help:

    ·  friends, family, anyone who already knows me and trust me and my projects

    ·  parents who have seen me during shows or during other events and felt the positive energy I send out

    ·  future parents, educators and teachers who believe in the necessity of such a project and in its ability to offer added value to the education in Romania