Dog waste stations

A project from Environment category, initiated by Rodica-Virginia Biris

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    About the project


    We are Lisa Toczek and Rodica Biris, MPH students at Cluj School of Public Health, FSPAC. The idea was born for a practical project in a class that we have in the second semester of the 1st year, "Public Health for Professionals". 

    Description of the project

    We chose to implement dog waste stations (DWS) in collaboration with Cluj-Napoca City Hall in assigned areas for dog walking in Cluj.  These assigned areas for dog walking are: Baza sportiva Gheorgheni, Parcul Rozelor, Cora area - Str. Bucium - Manastur, Str. Alexandru-Vaida Voievod - Intre Lacuri and Str. Gheorghe Dima nr. 31-33.

    The DWS will have a descriptive sign at the top; in the central position, a container with 2 compartments for the plastic bags ( new and recycled) and the garbage container at the bottom. The City Hall will install them and will provide new plastic bag rolls every day. It will be a water line and electricity (for lighting) next to it. This is their promise. Ours is to design, build and bring them to the City Hall for installation.

    Who will benefit?

    The population of Cluj will benefit. How?

    1. From the Public Health point of view - reducing the risk of diseases                                                                                                       

    One gram of fecal matter contains about 23,000,000 of fecal coliform bacteria. It disintegrates, gets into the air and when breathed in, it creates diarrhea, cramps, intestinal and kidney diseases. 

    2. From the cleanliness of green spaces point of view  - cleaner and more beautiful Cluj                                                                         

    The dog fecal matter is not a good fertilizer and creates unsightly discoloring of the green spaces.                                                           The green spaces will look more taken care of and therefore more beautiful.

    3. From the law the point of view                                                                                                           

    The law 258, article 13/6 from 2013 that says that the dog owners have to identify their dogs through microchipping, also says that they have to maintain hygiene in public and adjacent spaces. Otherwise they will be fined. DWS will be there to be used. No more excuses.

    4. From the discipline and accountability point of view                                                                                                                                 

    The population of Cluj will become more accountable and more disciplined about cleaning after their dogs.                                                                                                                                

    How do we use the money?

    One dog waste station costs 150 euro. We want to build 4 DWS to start with and continue to implement them accordingly to the funds. We have covered 30% of the initial costs.

    Calculations were done for the exchange: 1 euro = 4.5 RON  

      150 euro x 4 =  600 euro +

                   12% =    72 euro - administrative fees


                           =  672 euro = 3024 RON


              This is a pilot project; we hope we can start with your help and we'll continue to implement it not only in Cluj, but in the whole                 Romania. All your contributions will be appreciated.   

              The project will be finalized by the end of June.

               The rewards will be delivered by the end of June, the latest, with the exception of the last one: the VIP invitation for the beginning of the school year on the 2nd of October 2017.   


               Thank you,

               Lisa and Rodica

               Let's contribute to a cleaner, more civilized and healthier Cluj!