Rolling Beards

A project from Sports category, initiated by Beard Brothers

    • 04 May 2015

      Campania Rolling Beards a fost finantata!

      Multumim mull tuturor celor care au sustinu acest proiect. Noi continuam munca pentru a atinge targetul de 7000 de euro! 

    About the project

    Rolling Beards is the 7th campaign of the Beard Brothers association and its purpose is to raise the funds necessary for a young team of artistic roller skaters from Cluj to afford to go to the world championship in Geneva (WIFSA World Open) this year.

    Who are the team members?

    The team is comprised of 6 young, talented and ambitious girls from Cluj. They are: Ioana Teodorescu (16 years old), Tania Turdean (14 years old), Ilinca Popa (14 years old), Teodora Luscalov (11 years old), Alexa Neag (11 years old) and Maria Grama (6 years old). The team’s coach is Grety Marton, a former national figure skating champion.

    What do we want to do?

    The girls need approximately 7000 EUR in order to get to the WIFSA World Open this year, a figure skating world championship taking place between June 26th-28th, in Geneva. The sum of 7000 EUR includes transportation, accommodation, and of course, equipment.

    This crowdfunding campaign is only one of the many methods of fundraising deployed in the Rolling Beards campaign, having as target 5000 Lei of the total amount of money necessary.

    Who are we?

    We are the Beard Brothers association – an association from Cluj, whose main purpose is changing mentalities. Our team is built upon initiative, which we use in order to find solutions to problems both new and old, in the communities we are part of. Additionally, we believe in culture and promoting it within society.

    Nevertheless, hard work can’t be done alone, so we always find friends – this time Mai Mult Cluj jumping in our aid. Mai Mult Cluj (More Of Cluj) is a local community that focuses on discovering Romania’s grooviest city. Our goal is to uncover all reasons for which Cluj is such a great place to live in. We want the world to discover a city that is not only beautiful, but great to every inch of every corner of every street of every neighborhood. Together, we can enjoy More Of Cluj #maimultcluj

    Why are we doing this?

    We strongly believe that everyone deserves the chance to do what they like, and we want to support Romanian talents. As with any situation, there are certain factors that don’t permit that, which is where we intervene. Why? It motivates us. We know we can’t change the world in a week, so try to do it step by step, helping others before helping ourselves.

    How can YOU help the girls?

    The methods are countless, but the most important ones right now are the financial ones. You can make a direct donation, contributing to the 5000 Lei target of this crowdfunding campaign, or you can choose one of the perks from the right, which include a small (or big) reward, depending on the amount of money donated.