Climbing wall in Falticeni, Suceava county

A project from Sports category, initiated by Alex Paul Manoliu

    • 02 Jun 2015

      Proiectul a fost finantat!

      Buna tuturor,

      Nu stiu daca ati urmarit pagina proiectului nostru sau nu. 

      Avem mare placere sa va anuntam ca proiectul nostru a strans banii necesari finantarii. Dorim sa va multumim pentru donatiile facute si in curand vom reveni cu alte noutati despre panou.

      O zi buna,


    About the project

    Who we are?

    We are a small community of climbers from Falticeni and the surroundings (Suceava, Romania), and we want to grow. In our daily lives, all of us have different and usual jobs. However, in our free time, we all have something in common: climbing, in all its forms. This is the passion that unites us and makes us forget everything else. We are all of different ages (15-40+) and with different achievements in alpinism (be it sport climbing, bouldering, ice climbing or altitude trekking). We have people that have conquered peaks such as Elbrus (5642 m), Mont Blanc (4810), Matterhorn – Cresta del Leone (4475 m), Weisshorn (4506 m), Monte Rosa (4633 m), etc. on classic or more technical routes. Besides these peaks outside of Romania, the team often goes on high difficulty winter trips in the Carpathians or on big wall climbing trips in Romania and Europe (we’ve sent high difficulty routes such as The Blue Crack, Fight for Life, The Sentinel at Hell’s throat, The Art Crack, The Lira Slabs, The Stone Tear, etc. all of them are long, exposed and high difficulty routes). To these we add the ice waterfalls Federweiss (180 m), Hocknarfall (140 m) and Mordor (315 m – one of the tallest and most difficult in Europe), climbed in 2014 and 2015, as well as participations in various national climbing and bouldering competitions.

    What we want to do and where?

    In the big urban centers there are big alpine communities and they are constantly growing, to everyone’s benefit. In the small towns, however, there are just a handful of people. And this is not only because fewer people live there. There are no artificial climbing walls that are usually the place where climbers meet, train, talk and make plans or share their achievements. These are the places where many children too learn to climb and take their first steps towards a beautiful life, full of satisfactions.

    Since we started climbing, each of us was lucky to meet other amazing climbers from which we learned a lot, which inspired us and helped us get where we are today. This motivates us to want, in our turn, to inspire, to give back and teach others what we know and create a place where these things can happen.

    We started building an artificial climbing wall in Falticeni, Suceava, in the gym of a local high school. The wall will have three sections, after all of them a finished and open, the total climbing area will be about 75 sqm, out of which 40 sqm for sport climbingand 35 sqm for bouldering.

    Who will benefit?

    The climbing wall will be destined for the public, focusing on growing the local climbing community. We want to launch campaigns designed to increase the popularity of this sport among children as well, providing discounts and/or free access for children and socially vulnerable youth. This way everyone will have the opportunity to discover the passion for climbing, mountains and an active life style within themselves.

    We want the climbing wall to become the meeting place of the local outdoor community and to be the instrument to help it grow.

    How we will use the money (3000 lei / 700 EUR)

    Building the first sector amounts to 6000 lei ( 1400 EUR-materials for the structure and plywood panels, climbing holds, partially the labor – because partially we will build it ourselves). We have already covered half of this amount from our own savings, we bought the materials for all three sectors and we started building. Now we need 3000 lei more for the artificial climbing holds for the first sector without which the wall can’t operate.

    This is the minimum that can help us open the first sector, but we would appreciate your contribution further, even after we reach this amount, because with a total of 5000 we can build the second sector , and with 7300 we can finish all three sectors transforming the place into a beautiful climbing playground! It would give the community the possibility to have fun practicing all the different types of climbing.

    Join our community and help us raise the money for this climbing wall, show your support with a message or send us the good vibes! We, and later others too, will be grateful to you and we’ll thank you for your support with the great and interesting (some even warm, and others even delicious) rewards that we have prepared for you!