MegaDojo Timisoara 2017

A project from Education category, initiated by CoderDojo România

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    About the project

    The MegaDojo Timisoara 2017 was developed as the biggest event in the field of programming education ever held in a unique location in Romania.                


    Jointly organized by the 15 CoderDojos in Timisoara Metropolitan Area, with the support of Banat IT Association, the event will reunite about 512 children and teenagers (7-17 years old), out of which 300 are already participating to CoderDojo activities while the ballance will be newcomers to get into contact with the technology as digital creators. They will be guided by 100+ of former, current and future CoderDojo mentors Alongside local participants, we'll also invite to Timișoara representatives of other Romanian and neighboring countries dojos and of the Ireland-based CoderDojo Foundation, the legal entity coordinating the global implementation.

    The event will be promoted among the local tech professionals, aiming to attract them as new mentors. We will also invite the general public, parents, teachers, representatives of companies and other organizations that could become hosting venues for new dojos.



    During the event’s 8 hours duration, besides regular CoderDojo working sessions, including workshops on various technologies (Scratch, html + CSS, JavaScript, C++, C#, Java, Python, Ruby, Photoshop, Game Development, Robotics), we will organize various flash competitions, presentations by mentors and ninjas. A VIP Lounge will be organized, where the VIP status will belong to ninjas who developed nationally or internationally awarded projects. They will present their respective projects to event's special guests (managers of local tech companies, teachers and academics, representatives of local authorities). 

    The general public, parents and friends of participating ninjas will be welcome to attend the event. Other elements of attraction will be the booths with augmented and virtual reality equipment, workshops dedicated to online privacy and computer security risks, robot competitions, etc.

    MEGADOJO and European Code Week

    The day we’ve chose for organizing the MegaDojo event is October 14th, in the middle of European Code Week (October 7 - 22), a framework endorsed by the European Union for promoting continent-wide programming and programming education activities run by various organizations similar to Banat IT Association.

    WHO WE ARE? 

    The 15 CoderDojos active in Timisoara Metropolitan Area to be involved in organizing and running of the event are:  

    Dumbrăvița Timișoara @CD Loga                                  

    Timisoara @Gim30

    Giroc Timișoara @CNB

    Timisoara @Moisil

    Moșnița-Nouă Timișoara @Océ Software

    Timisoara @NTT Data Romania

    Timișoara @Bartók Timișoara @UVT

    Timisoara @Startup Hub

    Timișoara @Casa Olarului             Timisoara @FEAA


    CoderDojo is a global programming education movement, initiated in 2011 in Ireland, promoting informal, open, inclusive, free-of-charge approaches, based on the voluntary involvement as mentors of current and future IT&C specialists, students, employees and tech entrepreneurs. In Romania, CoderDojo has been running since 2012, reaching now about 30 implementations that facilitate the access of more than 700 children to the creative magic of programming, with the involvement of more than 100 mentors, through weekly, biweekly or monthly sessions. In the Timisoara Metropolitan Area, the 15 CoderDojo implementations are supported by the Banat IT Association, which provides the legal and financial platform for the dojos network activities.


    The contribution you are so kindly offering will be used for covering costs related to:

    • Meals, snacks and beverages costs

    • Acquisition and printing of MegaDojo Timisoara 2017 T-Shirts for ninjas and mentors
    • acquisition of prizes to be offered to winners of various competitions to be organized within the event
    • printing of participation certificates, event signage and other visual identity elements
    • fees and commissions related to running the crowdfunding campaignfees and commissions related to running the crowdfunding campaign

    No person involved in organizing and unfolding of the MegaDojo Timisoara 2017 event is paid, all members of the event team participate as volunteers.

    Of course, you may also join as a volunteer, mentor or organizer, starting from 

    Any eventual proceeds remaining after the event will be used for financing further events within the  Timișoara Metropolitan Area CoderDojo Network.