Cutting-Edge Research In Romania

A project from Education category, initiated by Ileana Fritea

    • 26 Jun 2015

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      Adrian ROŞAN despre proiectul Cutting-Edge Research in Romania

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      Îi mulţumim lui Radu Băzăvan pentru încrederea cu care ne-a investit şi pentru sprijinul pe care îl acordă copiilor pasionaţi de Fizică prin susţinerea proiectului CER2 al Asociaţiei Apex-Edu!

    About the project

    We represent Apex-Edu, an NGO dedicated to developing educational projects for gifted Romanian students.

    Our current project aims at offering opportunities for young Physics Olympians to help them in developing their scientific thinking and the knowledge and skills necessary for a future career in Physics research. The Cutting Edge Research Project (CER) aims at raising the appeal of a research career in Physics and at raising awareness among Physics Olympians about the opportunity of pursuing this type of career path at the highest level here, in Romania.

    We believe that is important not only to nurture talent in schools and universities, but also to offer real options so that the gifted can manifest their talent here, in Romania.

    To achieve our goals we rely on the extended expertise of our partners, Horia Hulubei National Institute for R&D in Physics and Nuclear Engineering Bucharest and The National Institute for R&D of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies Cluj-Napoca.

    Horia Hulubei Institute Physics and Nuclear Engineering took part during the last 20 years at over 200 national projects and over 20 international projects of large scale infrastructure such as CERN project in Switzerland or GSI in Germany.

    The researchers from Horia Hulubei Institute and ITIM Cluj will build a mentoring relationship with the students so that they can offer not only a professional role-model, but also intellectual challenges, informal knowledge on current directions in Physics research, access on a wide professional network and also motivation and emotional support.

    We intend to organise a Summer School at the end of July for a number of 12 11th grade students who took part in the Romanian National Physics Olympics. Our program will include lectures and debates offered by Horia Hulubei Institutes’ researchers and will initiate the  young students in some of the the research work conducted by the Institute. The summer school will end with a visit at the Horia Hulibei Institute on the Măgurele platform where the students will be able to get a closer look at the Institutes’ technology and get a clear image of the development opportunities offered there.

    In order to implement this project we need additional funding to suplemment our resources to provide for acommodation and transportation expenses for the participating students, the researchers and the Apex volunteers.