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    • 14 Apr 2015

      JACKPOT - „777” a fost finanțat!

      După 35 de zile în care ma stat cu sufletul la gură, ieri seară proiectul „777” și-a atins obiectivul de 3000 de lei! Le mulțumim din adâncul sufletului tuturor celor care ne-au fost alături în aceste săptămâni, fără voi acest proiect nu ar fi fost posibil!

      Urmăriți-ne activitatea în continuare pe https://www.facebook.com/777scurtmetraj, unde vom începe să postăm informații despre repetițiile și filmările care vor avea loc în cursul următoarei săptămâni! Livrarea recompenselor va începe odată cu finalizarea filmărilor - adică începând cu data de 27 aprilie, toți susținătorii care au ales recompense urmând să fie contactați prin e-mail de către echipa noastră.

      Vă mulțumim!

    • 23 Mar 2015

      Dupa 10 zile...

      2 interviuri televizate, 10 zile, 13 susținători, 23% din buget atins, 322 like-uri, nenumărate încurajări și reacții pozitive. Acesta este bilanțul primei săptămâni și jumătate de „777”! Considerăm că este un început excelent.
      Le mulțumim tuturor celor care și-au arătat susținerea față de noi în ultimele zile, indiferent de modul în care au făcut-o! Mai avem 22 de zile în care campania este activă - nu uitați să vă anunțați toți prietenii!

    About the project


    About us

      We are a team of young students of Cluj-Napoca's Babeș-Bolyai University who are united by their immense passion for films and film-making. Even though, up until now, each and every one of us has had various experiences in this domain, "777" is an attempt at making our independent debut in Romania's cinematographic sphere. Our team's activity is supported by the Persona Association, who offers us guidance throughout the process of creating a short film.

    About 777

      As mentioned earlier, "777" is our debut piece. In spite of this, we wish that the final result of our work will be a serious and high-quality product, a fact which is reflected not only in the film's social, present-day theme, but also in our own production standards.

      Up until now, some of the names that comprise our cast are those of Radu Lărgeanu, Cătălin Herlo and Ionuț Caras, who are famous all actors of Cluj-Napoca's National Theatre. Once finished, the short will be entered in over twenty local and international film festivals, with an estimated audience of at least 4000 viewers only at official projections.

      „777” is built around the concept of a day in the life, handling themes such as addiction, isolation, physical violence, loss of faith and life in disadvantaged social circumstances. The story's central character is Ghiță, a man who has lost almost everything due to his addiction to slot machines: his job, family, even his own home. Unable to find a solution to his predicament, he decides to appeal to the help of divine forces.

    Your role in creating 777

      We need your help in order to accomplish our goal. Any contribution allows us to initiate this project, which tells a story which is not only often ignored by the general public, but which also plays the role of shaping the careers of a team of young filmmakers.

      In total, the sum needed to bring the story to life amounts to over 1200 €, a sum which implies location renting and arrangement, stage props, daily meals, promotional materials and other incidental costs.

    The team behind 777

    Aron Rudics – regizor/scenarist

      Aron is a second-year student at the Faculty of Theater and Television's Film Studies department. A playwright and collaborator of Baia Mare's "Masca" theatre group, he is currently working as a scriptwriter for several short films and plays.

    Ștefan Aganieci – Production Manager

      Ștefan is in his third year of Film Studies. A producer of numerous independent shorts; as well as a film critic and collaborator of Eliberart, he has acted as an envoy in film festivals such as Lux Prize or the Venice Film Festival.

    FIavia Dima – Producer

      FIavia is a third-year Journalism student at the Faculty of Political, Administrative and Communication Sciences. Presently collaborating with several publications and associations, she has worked as a reporter for local films festivals' publications such as TIFF, SFG and ClujShorts.

     Contact: filmul.777@gmail.com / https://www.facebook.com/777scurtmetraj